Care Instructions

All items are to be handled and worn with care; they are of delicate nature. We recommend storing items in plastic provided to avoid damage.  

Washing Items 

Due to the delicate nature of our products, we recommend to hand wash items in cold water with natural detergent. Do not soak items with hanging diamonds as it may cause rusting. For items with hanging diamond or gem detail we recommend using a damp sponge to clean around the area of the diamonds and gems then let the item air dry out of direct sunlight. A stain remover pen works well for stains. 

Lost Package 

Please be aware that once we hand packages over to the shipping company, they are responsible for the delivery process. While we strive to ensure a smooth shipping experience, certain circumstances may be beyond our control. It is your responsibility to track your package and ensure its receipt. In cases where the item tracking indicates delivery but you have not received it, we will require you to provide confirmation from the shipping provider, verifying that the package was delivered to the incorrect address, using the driver's GPS tracking information. In cases where the item tracking shows in transit, but the estimated timeframe of delivery has lapsed, we may require you to submit a request with the shipping provider.  

Wrong Address

Customers are responsible for ensuring that the shipping address provided during the checkout process is accurate and complete. Magical Wonderland is not liable for orders shipped to incorrect/ or incomplete addresses provided by the customer. If you find that your order information is wrong please contact us at with your order number and correct information as soon as possible.